This is most definitely a movie that I would pay to see. (A significant admission from a journo freeloader like myself.) Earlier this week six armed British thieves nabbed $40 million pounds in cash (which is what…roughly $75 million U.S.?) in the area of Kent. It’s not just the size of the haul that gets me, but how exactly do six guys hold on to that much dough (roughly $12,500,000 U.S. dollars each) without someone getting wind and ratting them out? How do they get the cash out of the country? Is it smarter to try to move the whole load and then split it up, or do they divide up in England and then it’s every man for himself? Where and how do you live with this responsibility? It’s a fascinating logistical challenge. Are these guys actual adults who won’t follow the Rififi script, or will most of them be arrested due to stupidity and panic within the next couple of weeks?