This Mary McNamara piece in the Los Angeles Times is hilarious. It’s basically a woe-is-me complaint about Focus Features having given her a mere 45 minutes to sit down with director Jim Jarmusch and discuss Broken Flowers at the Chateau Marmont a few days ago. She says Jarmusch loosens up only at the very end, when there’s five or ten minutes to go. Well, it’s always this way. McNamara is spoiled — most of us get a lousy 20 minutes. It’s been like this since…oh, roughly the late ’80s? Mid ’80s? I did an article for Empire in 1990 about interviewing Elizabeth Perkins for 15 minutes about her work in Alan Rudolph’s Love at Large. I wrote it like a ticking-clock suspense thing…13 minutes to go…11 minutes to go…seven!…three!