At the top of each HE post there’s always a number telling you how many comments have posted. In months past I’ve noticed that the software would occasionally get it wrong, declaring that 11 or 12 people had commented when in fact the number was close to 19 or 20. But now the numbers are completely missing. Each and every post says “0” at the top.

Yo, Disqus…any chance of fixing? Or paying attention at least?

I tried reaching out an hour ago, but they can’t be bothered with a chat service. You can apparently send them an email ( but who knows if they’re paying attention? I’d love to tell them what’s happening and ask for the best solve. If I had the time and the extra scratch, I would fly to San Francisco (they’re at 717 Market Street, Suite 700, 94103) and personally buttonhole each employee, one by one, until SOMEBODY listens and offers an intelligent suggestion.

I would gladly pay Team Disqus to solve this problem on a one-shot basis, but of course they can’t be bothered to offer such an option. And why should they?