Film Journal editor Kevin Lally has posted a report about last night’s appearance by Liv Ullmann at Manhattan’s Paley Center for Media. The legendary Norweigan actress, now 69, was there to bring attention to a rare screening of Richard Kaplan‘s 1977 documentary A Look at Liv. The doc (which I’ve never seen) includes “highlights from her career, interviews with Ullmann’s longtime director, friend and ally Ingmar Bergman and cinematographer Sven Nykvist, scenes of Ullman at premieres, book signings and relaxing with her young daughter, and candid conversations,” Lally describes.

“Kaplan, director of the Oscar-winning documentary The Eleanor Roosevelt Story, introduced the film, and then joined Ullmann, still radiant at the age of 69, on stage after the screening. Ullmann immediately disarmed the audience by telling them how embarrassing it was to watch all this footage of herself from 30 years ago, admitting that the woman on screen seemed like a different person.” 30 years ago? How about 48 years ago, which is when she co-starred in her first major film, Ung Flukt (a.k.a., The Wayward Girl)?

“In the film, Bergman — the father of her daughter Lin, now an acclaimed novelist — talks about how their romantic relationship evolved into something even more valuable to him, an enduring friendship. Ullmann, in turn, agreed that as one ages, friends are essential — and paid emotional tribute to a longtime close friend sitting in the front row, her Persona co-star Bibi Andersson.”