Jon Stewart, currently plugging a new Daily Show oral history book, needs to memorize a page or two from the Michael Shannon playbook. Say it again: when Stewart and Stephen Colbert organized their 2010 Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear, he was essentially saying he was open to projecting and persuading on a mass national scale. This translated as “I might conceivably run for office some day…who knows?” Stewart could have launched a Presidential campaign after announcing in February 2015 that he was leaving The Daily Show, and — make no mistake — he definitely could have won. But he decided to spend time with his kids instead. We all have our paths to walk and destinies to fulfill, but as far as I’m concerned Stewart is almost a kind of villain for not rising to the challenge. Again: If Stewart had managed to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries and become the Democratic nominee, Trump wouldn’t now be the president elect.