The social engineers who arranged the Big Fix after-party at the Schweppes beach bar opposite the Carlton apparently figured it would take guests 45 minutes to walk from the Salle de Soixentieme screening to the after-party. Except it took EW‘s Dave Karger and myself about 12 or 13 minutes, taking our time; we arrived there at 10:20 pm. Despite this the Big Fix people told their goons not to let anyone in until 11 pm. Charming!

Team Big Fix deserves a firm slap across the chops. “Please come to our party…and we’re sure you won’t mind having to stand around on a sidewalk for the better part of an hour before we let you in.” Michelle Rodriguez (“How ya livin’?”) and her small posse talked their way in but that’s because she was (and probably still is) Michelle Rodriguez. Deadline‘s Pete Hammond was toughing it out but I said “eff this” and went home. Karger bailed way before I did.

Laid-back machismo of Vincent Lindon following yesterday afternoon’s screening of Pater at Grand Lumiere.

Jodie Foster/Mel Gibson Beaver approach in front Grand Palais.