I’ve been caught up in some issues today. Lots of research, lots of calls. I just wrote a piece about how it’s impossible to accurately assess the restored Godfather discs without a full-boat Blu-ray and 50″ high-def system, which I still don’t have…and then I hit the wrong button and lost the whole article. On top of which the software gremlins at Apple/iPhone came up with a iPhone update that I was stupid enough to download and try to install. The data stopped loading at the 85% mark and now the phone is unusable. I have no choice but to see a genius at the Grove Apple store at 4 pm — it’s unfixable at this end.

I was also going to get into Jonathan Demme‘s Rachel Getting Married, which I saw for the second time last night at the Arclight, but this is one of those rare days when I just don’t give a damn. I think I had an empty day sometime last year, and here we go with another. I don’t take weekends off, I don’t take nights off, I rarely do lunches…and this is how it goes once in a blue moon.