Three writer-producers are quoted in Richard Rushfield’s latest Ankler column. They’re basically asked “how bad are things now?”, “did anyone in Hollywood accomplish anything good this year?”, “how negatively has streaming affected bare-bones creativity?” and other questions in this vein.

Writer-producers #1 and #3 sound like smart, attuned, reasonably cool people, but writer-producer #2 is an absolute woke Torquemada. He says Netflix should have thrown Dave Chappelle under the bus, for heaven’s sake. Talk about a geyser of woke vampire saliva and an absolute absence of X-factor, clear-light consciousness…seriously, this guy is scary.

Here’s an observation about award shows from writer-producer #3:

In other words, if the Academy wants to bury itself even deeper in the hole of irrelevancy and over-ness, do four things: (a) Double down on the Steven Soderbergh mindset (woke Tony Awards) behind last April’s Union Station debacle; (b) Make certain to only award films with shitty Rotten Tomatoes & IMDB audience scores and which did next to no business theatrically; (c) choose winners based on woke-driven political narratives; and (c) completely ignore the phenomenal audience reactions to Spider-Man: No Way Home