I thought this morning that my Omicron condition might be improving somewhat. No such luck as it turns out. Today it just stayed in the same draggy place. I feel so vaguely weak and fatigued right now that the idea of going outside and visiting my local CVS seems like too much of a challenge. I don’t feel miserable — I feel “okay” but drained.

All day long I’ve been trying to write some thoughts on the passing of the great Joan Didion, whom i began worshipping as a young buck (particularly due to “Play It As It Lays” and “The White Album”) but whom I never quite befriended or even met, despite a good phone-interview rapport with her husband, John Gregory Dunne, whom I regarded as an excellent fellow. And despite running into her at a “21” press luncheon seven or eight years ago.

But I don’t seem to have the energy or something. I don’t like this at all.