So far, only three ’07 Sundance movies have inspired any thoughts of mid-range tumescence: (a) Mike Cahill‘s King of California, about a relationship between an unstable dad (Michael Douglas) and his daughter (Evan Rachel Wood) — the reasonbeing the hand of producers Alexander Payne and Michael London plus some encouraging buzz I heard about it last summer; (b) Jarrett Schaeffer ‘s Chapter 27, the long-gestating drama about what was happening in the head of Mark David Chapman (a bulked-up Jared Leto) in the days and hours leading up to his murder of John Lennon ; and (c) Brett Morgen‘s Chicago 10, a doc about the eight antiwar counter-culture protestors (Abbie Hoffman, Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, Bobby Seale, etc.) who were put on trial for inciting violence during the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago — the enthusiasm is driven by Morgen’s blending of newsreel footage, animation, talking-head interviews and what I hear is an above-average rock music score plus a guy who worked on it telling me that Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture) “is looking to reach a whole new level with this [film].”