The Birth of Benjamin Button, the feature doc on the Button Criterion Bluray, “clocks in ten minutes longer than the movie — 2 hours and 55 minutes. And it covers almost everything one could want. Nearly half the running time focuses on the various stages of practical and CG work, and rightfully so. I found myself replaying each of the post-production chapters covering the replacement effects after watching the whole thing in one go.

“The consummate professionalism brought to the production value of this doc is why a single-disc edition wasn’t going to cut it. The movie’s craft deserved better, and it got the best. Even if you didn’t fall in love with the movie, the doc alone is worth purchasing the set. It’s a high-end film school class on a disc. I could actually see re-watching it, and more than once.” — from Moises Chiullan‘s Bluray review on Arthouse Cowboy.