Politico‘s Jeff Ressner has posted a roster of ten younger Hollywood heavyweights (i.e., younger than old-guard Hollywood liberals like David Geffen, Mike Ovitz, Stanley Sheinbaum, Norman Lear, etc.) who constitute a “newer army of Hollywood political heavyweights… mostly unknown showbiz executives in Los Angeles [who are] working behind the scenes in left-leaning politics: hosting Democratic Party fundraisers, sponsoring anti-war rallies, organizing abortion rights events, backing environmental legislation or producing message movies that promote peace, love and understanding.”
The “Tinseltown Ten,” he proclaims, are (1) Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Michael Lynton; (2) Wild Brain CEO Charles Rivkin, (3) Star Trek director and Cloverfield producer J.J. Abrams; (4) Rhino Records co-founder Richard Foos; (5) producer Lawrence Bender; (6) producer and “viral video campaign” orchestrator Julie Bergman; (7) Marvel Enterprises COO and Brave New Films co-founder Rick Jacobs; (8) Participant Media’s Jeff Skoll; (9) agent Ari Emanuel; and (10) former actress, philanthropist and networker Heather Thomas.