According to a Deadline report filed this morning, Paramount’s The Adventures of Tintin is projected to earn $16 million by the close of the Christmas holiday, or the evening of 12.26. It opened Wednesday in 3087 theatres and took in $2.3 million, and then $2.4 million on Thursday. If it actually tallies $16 million over six days, that’ll mean an average of $5183 per situation. Divide that by six and the daily per-screen comes to $863.83.

In other words, it’s tanking. And yet Tintin is doing quite well in Europe and other foreign territories with a projected $239 million haul due to acceptance/awareness of the Tintin brand.

“It’s a victim of too much competition,” says’s Phil Contrino. “There had to be at least one dud with this many films in the market.”

Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol is expected to earn $45 million in 3,448 theaters with a projected international haul of $85 million. Sherlock Holmes: Game Of Shadows will pull in $30 million by the close of the holiday. Nobody cares about Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked although it’s expected to earn $24 million. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, playing in 2,914 theaters, is being projected to earn $30 million, give or take.