“To me, Flight 93 was a defining moment in the sense that the hijack victims of Flight 93, when they understood what was going on, changed themselves into the Flight 93 militia and fired the shot heard around the world, the beginning of the war against Al-Qaeda, followed by Congress and Bush officially declaring that same war. To me, this is something that I think is probably…we haven’t had a moment like this since 1776. These victims said, ‘We will be victims no more.” They became soldiers, men and women alike, shoulder to shoulder, and took on Al-Qaeda and said, ‘You will not succeed,’ and they took down that plane and I think it’s marvelous.” — caller to Rush Limbaugh show on 4.3.06. Note: I never thought I’d link to Limbaugh in any way, shape or form, but there it is. Exception: However director Paul Greengrass decides to depict the final moments of that flight, the 9/11 Commission concluded, based on black-box recordings, that the passengers never busted into the cockpit and therefore didn’t force the plane down.