Today’s (i.e., Saturday’s) news #1: Cinematical’s Karina Longworth is reporting that “Paramount” (big Paramount? Paramount Classics?) has closed a deal for $10 to $12 million to distribute Little Miss Sunshine, the dark family comedy that got standing ovations after the Eccles screening last night and after the Library screening early this morning. Maybe…but I was told by two knowledgable industry guys sources just before a Racquet Club screening of Sherry Baby late this morning that Fox Searchlight is the buyer, and that the figure is $10 million. It’ll all come out in the wash. And yes, a lot of people are comparing Little Miss Sunshine to Happy Texas (i.e., saying it’s a “mountain air” movie that won’t play that well with paying audiences, etc.), but just as many people are saying no, that’s wrong, this movie has the stuff that charms, etc. Nobody’s calling it a great film, but a sizable portion are agreeing with me that it pays off and will feel the way the Hollywood Reporter‘s Gregg Goldstein feels: “I was blown lived up to all the hype.”