Yesterday’s news #1: Got into town around 5 pm Friday afternoon, dumped my stuff, got my press pass and went straight over to the Eccles to see Little Miss Sunshine. [My reaction is in the lead column story.] I was told before and after by three people that Dito Montiel’s A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, which screened Friday afternoon, is a Problem Movie. (One guy told me that “30 or 40 people walked out” by the first hour.) I myself saw Paul Cuigan’s Lucky Number Slevin at the 9:30 pm sscreennig at the Eccles, and found it tedious, trite, boring. It’s one of those crime-milieu fims in which way too many guys get shot or brutally beaten on within the first 10 minutes. I gave it a mental thumbs-down almost immediately…left after an hour. Got back to the condo and after two hours on the phone realized the QWest DSL was impossible to hook up for lack of an active phone line. Went over to the Park City Marriott to file the lead story, finished at 4 ayem.