Tom Cruise is reportedly keen to play the Glenn Ford bad-guy role in James Mangold’s forthcoming remake of 3:10 to Yuma, a 1957 black-and-white western directed by Delmer Daves and co-starring Van Heflin. (I’ve never seen this High noon-type drama, but something tells me I’ll be looking at the DVD fairly soon.) And yet, according to Variety‘s Michael Fleming, Cruise hadn’t even sat down with Mangold to chew things over. He just likes Stuart Beattie‘s rewrite of the Michael Brandt-Derek Haas script, and has funnelled news of his interest to Fleming. If the Yuma thing happens it’ll be Cruise going back to Collateral territory, playing another charming psycho type. A riff on the ’57 film says that “Ford practically steals the film in one of his best performances ever: calm, cool, and confident…a ruthless killer with polite manners and an honorable streak.”