Friday, 5.16, 4:35 pm.

Friday, 5.16, 8:20 am inside Grand Lumiere prior to screening of Atom Egoyan’s uniformly panned The Captive. (Photo taken by Sasha Stone.)

Adrien Grenier (a good egg and a mensch who always says hello), unidentified hotties at 5.16 Deadline party.

Former Cannon Films toppers Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus prior to this 8 pm screening of Hilla Medalia’s The Go-Go Boys at Salle Bunuel. I’ll review tomorrow morning — it’s after 1 am and I’m wiped.

Deadline staffers Anthony d’Alessandro, Deadline publisher Stacey Farish, Nancy Tartaglione, Pete Hammond, Mike Fleming at today’s 3 to 5 pm beach party.

Editor David Scott Smith, Red Army dp Svetlana Cvetko prior to 7:45 pm premiere at Salle du Soixentieme.