Roughly three months ago I spoke hopefully of Craig Johnson and Daniel ClowesWilson (Fox Searchlight, 3.3.17). “It seems like my kind of film,” I wrote. You know what I mean. A smart, sardonic, character-driven, vaguely pissed-off movie that’s nonetheless funny in an LQTM way.” Well, the just-released trailer debunks that notion. Trailers tend to emphasize the lowest-common-denominator elements, I realize, but this still feels forced. The story is about a lonely, middle-aged dude (Woody Harrelson’s Wilson) and his ex-wife (Laura Dern) reconnecting with a teenage daughter who was put up for adoption as a kid. (Or something like that.) I was thinking before that with Clowes having written Ghost World and High School Confidential, and Johnson having directed The Skeleton Twins that this might be okay. Now I’m less certain.