Name a film that you didn’t care for at all (or felt seriously underwhelmed by) when you first saw it, and then you warmed to it the second time, and then the third time it was like “wow, what was I thinking the first time?” For me it’s Tony Gilroy‘s Michael Clayton. I don’t know what was wrong when I first saw it, but my initial reaction was “yeah, okay…pretty good.” Then I caught it a second time at the Toronto Film Festival and said to myself, “This is better than I first realized.” I think I really started creaming big-time when I saw it the fourth time, when I first watched the Bluray. I’ve seen it maybe 9 or 10 times since. It just keeps getting better and better. George Clooney to poker player (quietly, casually): “You bought some hair too.” Poker player: “With your money!” And Sydney Pollack‘s performance? Forget about it.