I scanned and posted a few stills from the ’70s and ’80s yesterday, and not only did the usual snark not manifest but the photos seemed to go down fairly well — only one cheap-ass comment. I scanned a few more this morning.

Sometime around ’88 or ’89.

I played the boorish hillbilly rapist Marvin Hudgens in a Westport Country Playhouse production of Dark of the Moon in the summer of ’77. Tedious play. I wasn’t too bad.

My dad Jim Wells (a ’60s Mad Men guy who worked at J. Walter Thompson, Needham Harper Steers, et., al.) sometimes around ’92 or ’93.

(l. to r.) Ex-g.f. Sophie Black, my dad & myself in Paris — July 1976.

Dylan, Jett and myself during July ’91 vacation in Cape Cod.

Dog-eared poster for first Save The Whales Benefit Blowout concert in Wilton, Connecticut (which I co-produced with then-g.f. Sophie Black), held on Black farm over Labor Day weekend, 1976.

Dylan, ex-wife Maggie and Jett on horseback in Mount San Jacinto area above Palm Springs, sometime around ’92 or ’93.

Late sister Laura, late brother Tony and myself.
Myself, Jett, late brother Tony, my dad and mom when they renewed their marriage vows in the mid ’90s.

Dylan, Jim during Montana vacation, ’96 or thereabouts.