Is there anyone in the entire world who didn’t immediately mutter “drug overdose” when they first heard of the sudden death of Peaches Geldof, 25? Anyone at all? And yet this likely scenario wasn’t even whispered when her death was announced early last month. “Oh, she just died” is what everyone (including her famous dad, Bob Geldof) more or less said. “How terribly, terribly sad.” The concurrent word was (a) don’t speculate irresponsibly, (b) don’t speak ill of the deceased, and (c) spare the feelings of the immediate family. Today the obvious was finally confirmed by official sources, to wit: Like her mother Paula Yates, Peaches more or less offed herself with heroin. With two young kids to care for…brilliant. She just had to make room for it. I say this as someone who dabbled as a young lad.