In an online chat earlier today between Washington Post columnist and film critic Ann Hornaday, a Virginia guy named “ArtMovieLover” voiced strong support for the hiring of the potentially pugilistic and hot-tempered John Anderson as a full-time Post critic.

Washington Post critic/columnist Ann Hornaday; two-fisted film critic John Anderson; Jeff “the Dude” Dowd.

“Now that your sometime colleague John Anderson has gone so far as to punch out Jeff ‘the Dude’ Dowd at Sundance over his endless advocacy for a documentary that Anderson didn’t care for, can the Post please hire Anderson full time?

“I know, I know. Such behavior is supposed to be seen as boorish and unprofessional, but frankly, I like it that Anderson doesn’t put up with endless lobbying over breakfast, even when coming from someone supposedly as laid back as ‘the Dude.’ Sock it to ’em, John! Let’s have your muscular prose at the Post full-time!”

Hornaday replies as follows: “You are too funny. I’m a believer in non-violence and never advocate physical aggression to solve problems. However, I also consider the breaking of bread a sacred act that should never, ever be desecrated. When someone’s eating, you back off, full stop. At Sundance, of course, you’re dealing with an environment of little sleep, a lot of stress, frayed nerves and inflamed passions. I understand John’s frustration, and I hope he and Jeff can find a way to come to terms.”