Inspired by Defiance, Ed Zwick‘s drama about the Nazi-fighting Jews of the forest (which isn’t half bad, by the way), Lewis Beale has written a 1.4 L.A. Times article about the receding of the Holocaust mentality and how that has allowed for the emergence of the scrappy, two-fisted, gun-totin’ Jewish fighter.

Author Rich Cohen (“Tough Jews”, “The Avengers”) tells Beale that “most European Jews died in the Holocaust, and [for a long while] that was the story. People felt the other side could be read as a criticism of those who died. The story of the Holocaust for Jews became holy over time, and for that reason, anything that muddied that story, there was no interest in it for a long time. But now there is. The image of Jews has changed.”

For some reason Beale doesn’t mention that half of Quentin Tarantino‘s upcoming Inglourious Basterds is about a band of raging Jewish G.I.s out to murder and scalp as many Germans as they can get their hands on during World War II. There’s a character named Donny Donowitz, a.k.a. “the Bear Jew” (played by Eli Roth) who carries around a baseball bat, looking to shatter German skulls and cause their brain matter to go glop on the cobblestones.