I didn’t see David Poland‘s very rough, blunt, hellfire-and-damnation piece about Deadline Hollywood Daily‘s Nikki Finke until today….sorry. He makes some good points; the writing is very clean and straight because he’s not hemming and hawing in the least. (He also throws in a belitting comment about yours truly in the process.) He’s not afraid of being Finke’s enemy, and I admire the ballsiness in that.

Then again he’s always been heavily into wearing robes and passing judgment. I know that when Rabbi Dave decides to unload on an enemy, deep down he’s mainly looking for one thing to happen (and I know because I’ve tasted it first-hand). He wants you to throw yourself on the temple steps and beg for forgiveness. If you can’t or won’t do that, or if you feel that life isn’t entirely a black-or-white, good-or-bad proposition, he wants you to quit journalism. I don’t think he wants his enemies to hang themselves, but he wouldn’t entirely mind it if they did.

That’s more or less the deal here . He wants his enemies fired, taken down, ruined, destitute, weeping. He’s an extremely bright guy and a very tough hombre, but he’s a fuming, finger-pointing purist. His is the hand that smiteth.