Those tightly-tailored suits with pegged, ankle-length pants and no socks have been around since 2013 or thereabouts. Last May I noticed a tuxedo version in a Cannes men’s store display. But until last night I hadn’t spotted any brand-name actors sporting this get-up, which you can’t wear unless you’re trim and under 40 with a Hitler youth undercut. Ewan MacGregor was wearing a biege-colored one during last night’s premiere and after-party for American Pastoral, and a friend said David Oyelowo was wearing a tight-ass blue suit without socks during some gathering for A United Kingdom, which was killed, by the way, in a 9.9 review by Variety‘s Peter Debruge. Remember the loafers-with-no-socks thing from the early to mid ’80s?

If MacGregor’s suit was well tailored (and it was), why weren’t they tailored to embrace his crotch? Look at that blowsy tailoring! The pants are cut below his balls a good two or three inches.