Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers, widely regarded as one of the most effusive blurb-whores in the business, has recorded a radio ad for United 93, reading from his own review copy. Dicey, right? No, actually — it doesn’t seem that way to me. Consider this explanation he offered to L.A. Times writer Rachel Abramowitz.

“I jumped into the mosh pit because of the film in question. We’re not talking Big Momma’s House 2. This is United 93, a film I rank among the best of 2006 [but which]’ has faced resistance from audiences who find the subject of what transpired on September 11th, 2001 too painful and way too soon for a movie to tackle. I disagree. Who knows how effective a radio spot is at encouraging viewers to let down their guards and let this movie in? But given how compassionately and artfully director Paul Greengrass has handled the complexities of United 93, I thought it was worth a try.”