From a three-month-old Hollywood Reporter Screenwriters Roundtable:

Bo Burnham: “The weapon that doesn’t seem to work is satire. Donald Trump is self-satirizing. He is his own art installation.” (Laughter.)

Paul Schrader: “Anybody who’s optimistic hasn’t been paying attention. For me it’s a mental health issue. It’s like choosing to live in a polluted space or drink polluted water — not enough time left in my life. I’m old enough to remember when [satirist] Terry Southern was thought to be implausible. And now we’re living in Terry Southern’s world.

Stephen Galloway: “Why write if you’re so pessimistic?”

Schrader: “It’s like [Albert] Camus said: ‘I don’t believe; I choose to believe.’ And we’re at a point now where there is no reason to hope, but you can choose to hope. And you can choose to write. It’s probably one of the few things left you have control over.

Eric Roth: “I’m enamored with words and the sound of words. And the director could fuck it up, I guess, but they can’t take that away from me.”

Burnham: “Writing is how we process the moment, not because it’s necessarily productive, not because it’s going to solve anything.”