Universal had it right with the Emily Blunt Wolfman poster, going the suggestive/subtle route. And then, I’m guessing, some marketing guy said, “Uhhm, I hate to mention this but surveys are showing this Blunt poster isn’t doing well with the dumbasses…we need to punch things up.” And so they did. Just a guess. I do know that I didn’t see the right-side poster until recently.

“Keep in mind something I was recently told,” a friend writes, “which is that Universal doesn’t officially have a marketing department now as no one really and truly replaced Adam Fogelson in the job. So the marketing executive is now head of the studio calling all the shots about this stuff. That poster not only represents his direct personal taste, but how they’ll sell the movie which they’re now shaping as something for the Saw audience as opposed to ‘classic gothic horror.'”