British critics are starting to post reviews of Danny Boyle‘s Trance, which opens in England on Wednesday, 3.27. (The U.S. debut is on Friday, 4.5.) The friendliest response so far is from Indiewire‘s Oliver Lyttleton, who calls it (a) “twisty” and “mind-bending,” (b) a “return to the darker crime fare of Shallow Grave” and (c) “Boyle’s most satisfying and coherent [film] since Trainspotting.”

“In its basic set-up — the battle for loot between a trio of protagonists, not all of whom, or indeed any of whom, are entirely sympathetic — it [has] a playfulness and tricksiness to the material that feels like pure Boyle,” Lyttleton writes. “The vibrant, hyper-kinetic look (once again courtesy of cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle) is a more natural fit here than it was in Slumdog Millionaire or 127 Hours — that so much of the film revolves around the mind, or the tricks it can play, means Boyle’s style feels more earned.

“We heard a few comparisons to Inception knocking around as we left the theater, and they’re not unfair ones, the plot hinging on the unlocking of James McAvoy‘s psyche, and the secrets that it holds within. But if anything, it all feels a little more plausible and authentic than in Nolan’s film; the style might be more jittery, but it seems more fitting to the damaged synapses and dark recesses of its protagonist’s brain.”