Two fellows of serious character and accomplishment have sent opinions and projections about the Oscar situation right now. They’re both director-screenwriters. HE to commentariat: Don’t start throwing names around — just read what they wrote. Here we go…

Fellow #1: “From my vantage no one gives a fuck about the Oscars anymore. They don’t mean a thing. I could hardly bring myself to vote, try alone watch [the nominees[.

“It’s not just they suck, which they do, especially in comparison to the television (streaming) we’re getting here and from around the world, but also how political everything has become. Movies are not an art form anymore. [In the minds of the comintern] they’re now a vehicle to change society, which is not the Academy’s mandate. It may be one of film’s functions, but no one made the Academy in charge of societal development.

“They screwed the pooch when they didn’t let Kevin Hart host it so the LGBT community wouldn’t be upset. He was a major film star. They were supposed to protect him, and not gay people — they have a group for that. They’re not supposed to protect women’s rights or black people. They’re all covered.

“The Academy’s task is to protect filmmakers and the art of movies. But they’ve cheapened the hell out of it. Everyone that wins now has an asterisk next to their name. I don’t care how many women win this year. None of them will feel as good about it if the Academy hadn’t dragged their purses through the mud on the way to the show.”

Fellow #2: “CODA will not win. No way. Too much of a trifle. But I do think it’ll be the dad for supporting actor.

“I don’t think The Power or the Dog wins either. That movie is an odd slog. I have yet to talk to anybody who has seen it and actually likes it. And nobody is buying Benedict [Cumberbatch]. I guess there will be a kneejerk vote for Campion.

“Oddly, I think Best Picture may go to West Side Story. I just sense the town would love to see that happen. It would make us all happy. Five years ago Spielberg would’ve won for Best Director. Power of the Dog equals Roma and WSS equals Green Book.”

HE to Fellow #2: Then why didn’t West Side Story win SAG’s ensemble award?