Last night’s Saturday Night Live Ohio debate-parody sketch was curiously partisan — a hooray-for-Hillary! thing that was unfunny, repetitive and tepid to boot. (And seemingly inspired by Hillary supporter Tina Fey‘s “Weekend Update” performance last week.) The guy doing Brian Williams (spent several minutes trying to discover his name) was pretty funny, though. And the real Hillary Clinton‘s appearance at the end (supplying “editorial response”) was appealing. But SNL has, in a sense, slit the throat of its own comedic integrity with this piece.

And this vote-for-Hillary ad is the end of Cool Guy Jack. He’ll never again be the sly nocturnal hipster he was for so many decades, not after this. Take my advice and vote for a hated-by-the-press race-baiter who’s run one of the most arrogant and mis-managed primary campaigns in history? Sure thing, Jack. But the spot itself is a pro-level job — clean and concise, well-chosen clips.

“There is nothing on this earth — believe me, gentlemen — than a woman you have to salute every morning.”