In a video that accompanies an interview with The Hollywood Reporter‘s Gregg Kilday, Farenheit 11/9 director Michael Moore says…

(1) “In 2016, every person who spent even a nanosecond feeling good about the fact that we were going to elect our first woman president, helped to elect Donald J. Trump.”

As If We Needed Reminding,” posted on 2.7.17: “The primary blame for the Trump catastrophe is born, of course, by stubborn, racist, pea-brained rurals, who’ve always been and always will be fearful, gullible, low-information and dumb as fenceposts. But the real architects of the current horror are the corporate-embracing Democratic establishment machine types and particularly the evangelical genderists (‘It’s time for a woman in the White House, even one as deeply unappealing as Hillary!’).

“The fatal factor wasn’t that a woman ran for President, but that the woman who ran was the braying, testy, eye-baggy, fainting-like-a-sack-of-potatoes Hillary Clinton, who promised nothing change-y, and nothing beyond the fact that she was highly experienced (which of course she was) and would handle her Presidential duties in a cautious, responsible way (ditto).”

Moore also tells Kilday, “As things stand right now, everybody should operate as if it’s a two-term Trump,” but if the Dems are to unseat him, “we need beloved figures running. Say what you want about Trump, but tens of millions watched his show. We need Tom Hanks, Oprah, Michelle Obama. Who would not vote for Michelle Obama?”

This is exactly and precisely why (and it kills me to say this) there’s a better-than-decent chance that Trump might be re-elected — because we’re less than four months away from 2019 and there still isn’t a beloved Democrat who’s talking about running against Trump…no one. And the dumbshits won’t budge.

Michelle Obama won’t run, but if she ran she’d probably win. Oprah Winfrey could run, but she’s too chicken. Meryl Streep could run but she probably won’t even give it serious consideration. Tom Hanks could theoretically run but he won’t. Joe Biden is cool but he’s too old and his neck wattle is way too large — it’s like a Manitou head growing on the front of his neck. Elizabeth Warren is a good person but she’s a finger-wagging schoolmarm. I love Kamala Harris but the dumbshits don’t know her and she lacks charisma.