This is a couple of days old but Hollywood getaround guy Steven Meiers (a.k.a. “toastycakes“) posted this story about having snapped a photo of the screen while watching The Hangover last Friday at the Arclight — mistake! He got hauled out of the theatre by security and was questioned by four cops in the lobby.

The photo-taking was mitigated in Meiers’ head by the fact that he was sitting with Hangover costar Sasha Barrese and director Michel Gondry. Meiers obviously thought it would be harmless (as well as emotionally supportive) to snap a quick shot of Barrese on the big curved screen and…whatever, give it to her so she could put it on her handheld.

Some people think they live under a special halo or something. We all know you can’t do this and you’re asking for it if you do.

And yet — and yet! — I’d like to hear of one instance in an uptown big-city plex like the Arclight which anyone was caught taping a movie with a video camera — just one. Or one instance in which a person invited to a private or all-media screening (or who attended same as a plus-one) was busted for this. Is there any evidence that movies are not pirated for the most part by people in the post-production community (or by their “friends”)?