Does anyone remember Universal mentioning that Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken was basically a film founded upon Christian theology and pretty much tailor-made for the Christian flock? Or critics pointing this out? Yeah, me neither. It was presented and received as a rugged, humanist war film about survival, and one that contained award-worthy direction, acting, cinematography (i.e, Roger Deakins). I really don’t remember many critics aside from myself bringing up the “suffering is next to Godliness” angle. My first reaction, posted on 12.1, stated that Unbroken was “Christian torture porn” and that it portrays “a good kind of suffering that feels vaguely Christian and conservative on some level…something tells me the Orange County crowd will find a place in their hearts.” Two days ago I got an email from Matthew Faraci‘s Faith-Driven Entertainment announcing that Universal Home Entertainment is including a special “Legacy of Faith” bonus disc available as part of the Unbroken DVD that pops on 3.24. Describing Jolie’s film as “one of only two faith films nominated for an Academy Award this year,” Faraci states that Unbroken “has received overwhelming support from faith leaders and audiences alike. The ‘Legacy of Faith’ bonus disc features 90 minutes of rich content from Louie Zamperini, Billy Graham, Greg Laurie and others.”