A 2.17 N.Y. Post story says that the 1000-plus-member Newspaper Guild is moaning over a proposal by the New York Times Co. to freeze pay over the next two years while adding an extra 5.5 hours onto the standard work week that is currently set at 34.5 hours a week. “That is an effective 16 percent pay cut,” whined NG president Bill O’Meara. He said the Times‘ proposals were “draconian” and “as they stand now would ruin the paper.”

HE reaction: Wake up and smell the 21st Century news business, dead-tree and fossil-fuel-delivery man. You’re lucky to have a job. And anyone lazy enough to bitch about working a mere 40 hours a week needs to be spanked. I work 10 to 12 hours a day and 7 days a week — a minimum of 70 hours a week. And I’m grateful as hell to have a job that I love. Due respect but I’ve nothing but contempt for jowly middle-aged slackers complaining about a 40-hour work week for a decent payday with medical, dental and retirement.