There’s a Los Angeles for Bernie Facebook page but no Bernie Sanders for President storefront in Los Angeles, apparently. I wanted to pick up a few buttons and bumper stickers but no one seems to have any. So I ordered a few online. I’ll be donating $100 but I’d like to attend a rally or something. I don’t how much good I’d accomplish handing out literature in Gardena or Alhambra or El Monte.

A friend complained today that sharing my honest thoughts about Hillary Clinton was feeding right into a concerted effort by conservatives to try and goad liberals into putting her down online. “I feel for her deep down,” I replied. “I mostly agree with what she wants to do as President. I don’t want her to lose, particularly to a Bush or a Rubio, God forbid. She’ll ultimately be the best alternative, I regret to say, given the strong likelihood that Bernie can’t go the distance. But I don’t like Hillary. I never have. She doesn’t turn me on. She sort of irritates me. And I can’t not say that, given my natural inclinations.”