Tony Scott‘s Unstoppablefell 49% this weekend…what happened?,” I asked a friend this morning. His answer: “No movie was able to weather the Harry Potter storm — it’s as simple as that.”

Really? So whatever the Unstoppable word-of-mouth, it’s moot because of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1? How does that work exactly?

Moviegoer #1: “So how was Unstoppable?” Moviegoer #2: “Good, real good. Lotta fun. You should see it.” Moviegoer #1: “Yeah, I’d like to.” Moviegoer #2: “Huh?” Moviegoer #1: “I have to see Harry Potter this weekend and I only see one movie each week, if that. So I…uhm, I dunno, maybe I’ll rent Unstoppable.” Moviegoer #2: “You’ve heard it’s good, you want to see it, but you’re not going to see it because of fucking Harry Potter? You know what those movies are like. They’re like being in a fucking dungeon for two hours.”

Factor in the Thursday midnight showings, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 earned an estimated $61.2 million in 4,125 situations. It’s expected to bank $130 million by Sunday night.

We are Warner Bros. We make the Potter films and you are the lemmings. We do what we want to do according to our paychecks and our determinations. We are the masters making the rules for the wise men and the fools.