HE’s Moises Chiullan caught the same Austin showing of Up (i.e., about two weeks ago) that Harry Knowles posted a review off, and he’s not aware of any embargo so here we go.

“To say that Russell is eager to please would be a massive understatement,” Chiullan writes. “He wants Carl to like him and approve of him so much it hurts. He’s an overeating, junk food-inhaling kid due to things he has trouble coping with that are made clear as the film progresses. He’s not overweight and inactive due to outright laziness and disinterest in being healthy.

“Russell is a modern kid brought up to learn plenty about the world outside having never really been allowed to explore anything. Without giving anything away, his arc as a character has a lot to do with how he wants to be more than what he’s been. ‘It’s okay to be overweight’ is not the thrust of that arc.”