THINKFilm president and co-founder Mark Urman, a good guy with a bad brief, has jumped off his once-proud but recently foundering, debt-plagued ship (due to David Bergstein‘s derelict financial dealings since buying Thinkfilm in late ’06) and swam through heaving, white-capped seas over to the good ship Senator, which threw him a line by prior arrangement.
As of 10.1, Urman will officially be president of Senator Entertainment, a newly formed distribution outfit. The idea will be to make English-language films and establish a beachhead as a U.S.-based distributor. The company recently purchased U.S. rights to Public Enemy No. 1, which will be shown at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival. It costars Vincent Cassell and Gerard Depardieu. This French gangster film is on my list of gotta-sees.