This appears to be an apparently legit pirate-capturing of JJ Abramsmuch-discussed Super 8 teaser. It’s attached to Iron Man 2 in theatres starting this morning so I don’t see the problem in leaking it. It’s now officially a “people’s teaser.” The guy who captured this and put it up on You Tube last night deserves an “attaboy.”

So much for that Vulture report that it’s about kids shooting a super-8 movie in the ’70s, eh? That idea sounded so Steven Spielberg-ish I was ready to dismiss it out of hand. Be very, very afraid of the hand of Spielberg (who’s producing the Abrams-directed Super 8) as his influence will always ring some kind of familiar Spielbergian bell.

This is obviously a superior piece (as was the much-hyped teaser for Cloverfield) and does what a good enticing teaser is supposed to do, etc. But boil it all down and it’s the opening of The Fugitive with a creaure escaping from a derailed train rather than Richard Kimble.

I have an idea for another Abrams-Spielberg collaboration. It’s called Stovepipe. The rotting skeletal remnants of Abraham Lincoln digs and claws its way out of the 16th President’s tomb in Springfield, Illinois, and begins to slowly make its way across the country in order to find Spielberg, etc.