In early ’06 I paid $135 or $140 retail for a 150 gig external hard drive (i.e., the small kind that runs off your pc’s power when you plug in the USB). Two days ago I paid just under $100 for the same type of external hard drive, made by Seagate, except it has 500 gigs. A totally routine development. Two or three years from now a thousand-gig hard drive will cost $75 or thereabouts.

I told Jett the other day there’s no way I’m springing for an iPad. For cost reasons alone I’m waiting for the 2.0 or even the 3.0 before I even start to think about it. I will, however, be investing thought and money in formatting Hollywood Elsewhere for the iPad, and of course I’ll need to create an app. You could actually say I’ve been slacking off in this regard.