Snapped last night at Sherman Oaks Arclight. It was cold and windy in the Valley. The temperature felt like 35 or 40, but it may have been warmer.

I have my place cleaned by a nice lady named Celia (sometimes accompanied by her mom or her daughter) twice a month, and I’m always washing sinks and vacuuming and misting the plants and tidying up. But you gotta have at least five or six cans of Febreze around for emergencies. (I happen to have nine as we speak, eight on the rack and one in the bedroom.) My favorite scent is fresh linen but I also have cinnamon, apple, fresh pine, Big Sur and spring/fresh petals.

I bought this nail clipper last May at a pharmacy right near the entrance to the Salle Debussy in Cannes. I was appalled when I realized they were charging nearly 20 euros for the damn thing, but I bought it regardless. And you know what? I’m glad I did. This is a BMW-level device. Strong and sharp and a bit heavier, and unlikely to lose a screw any time soon. Because it’s totally top of the line. You get what you pay for.