Did anyone like or even see Jared Hess‘s Don Verdean, which popped 12.11 on VOD? I caught it 11 months ago at Sundance ’15 and said the following (and yes, I know I’ve posted this a couple of times since): “I wanted to at least quietly enjoy this satire of rightwing religious foolery and fraudulence. But it just wouldn’t let me go there, and I’m saying this as a fan of Sam Rockwell, who plays the titular character — a bullshit archeologist and discoverer of Biblical relics. The only good thing is New Zealand-based actor-comedian Jermaine Clement, who plays Boaz, a corruptible Israeli guide.” Costarring Amy Ryan, Leslie Bibb, Will Forte and the demonic Danny McBride. Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) directed and co-wrote somebody from his family with the first name of “Jerusha.”