So what are the reactions to Southpaw? There’s no ignoring that 57% Rotten Tomatoes grade. Does Jake Gyllenhaal get a pass at least? Here’s my 7.22 review. From Richard Brody’s 7.24 New Yorker review: “The boxing drama Southpaw has the chilling feel of a movie made to fit the requirements of a dictatorship — not a political one but, rather, a bureaucratic one. The creations of the director, Antoine Fuqua, and the screenwriter, Kurt Sutter, seem to have been freeze-dried, cut into card-sized tiles, and laid out sequentially — sustaining only the shallowest definition of character, connected only by the thinnest string of motive, and hermetically isolated from the practicalities among which the action ostensibly takes place.” Update: Okay, no interest.