My first reaction to Glenn Kenny‘s Some Came Running pan of Evan Glodell‘s Bellflower was, “Hey, he likes using the term ‘beardo’ as much as I do!” I don’t know when it began to catch on, but I’ve used “beardo” a lot over the last two or three years (and twice in Bellflower riffs). It basically means “pretentious or self-centered jerkoff who wears a beard.”

“In his review of the inventive enfant-terrible indie Bellflower for The A/V Club,” Kenny writes, “Keith Phipps hits on something crucial about the film that I’ve yet to see any other reviewer mention. He says that ‘after a point’ it becomes ‘a film about men who hate women, and it comes awfully close to endorsing that point of view.’

“Well, screw that, I’ll go even further: it doesn’t ‘come close’ to endorsing that point of view, it absolutely embodies that point of view, it can see no other possibility but that point of view, it is that point of view.”