The 6th Visual Effects Society award nominations has an award category that honors subtle CG effects, called “Supporting Visual Effects in a Motion Picture.” This year’s nominees are the technicians who achieved invisible CG work in Zodiac (check out the “Director’s Cut” DVD short that explains what Fincher and Co. did….amazing), The Kite Runner, Ratatouille, We Own The Night and Blades of Glory.

The nominations for the usual blah-blah, looks-like-CG effects come from the following films: I Am Legend (Janek Sirrs, Mike Chambers, Jim Berney, Crys Forsyth-Smith), Transformers (Scott Farar, Shari Hanson, Russel Earl, Scott Benza…awful!), The Golden Compass (Michael Fink, Susan MacLeod, Bill Westenhofer, Ben Morris…more of the usual blah-blah), Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (John Knoll, Jill Brooks, Hal Hickel, Charlie Gibson), and Spider-Man 3 (Scott Stokdyk, Terry Clotiaux, Peter Nofz, Spencer Cook).