It pains me once again to see Jon Voight, a guy I used to admire in the ’70s and even into the ’90s with his performances as Howard Cosell in Ali and FDR in Pearl Harbor, unpacking his rightie loon robe again by claiming President Obama is looking to weaken Israel, that the U.S. “has never been the same” since Obama’s election, and that negotiating with Iran over its nuclear agenda is like Neville Chamberlain negotiating with Adolf Hitler. Voight apparently supports Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu and the 47 Republicans who sent that mutinous letter to Iran’s leadership, and believes that…what, threatening to bomb Iran is the way to play it? “Deal-making is not a solution to what Israel faces,” Voight says, and yet he quotes Yitzhak “Bougie” Herzog, Netanyahu’s opponent in the upcoming Israeli election who, according to a 3.14 anti-Netanyahu piece in The Economist, “wants talks with the Palestinians and to heal ties with Mr. Obama.”

Obama is the first U.S. President since Carter to not blindly subscribe to the “Israel is our eternal friend and so the Palestinians are just going to have shut up and make do” policy. His tactical decisions regarding Israel’s enemies have obviously included delivering a lot of death to numerous Islamic wacko militants, but at least Obamas is not indifferent to the moral truth underlying Israel’s oppressive handling of the Palestinian situation.

Incidentally: Voight needs to take care of that dangling turkey-neck situation and to always shave before going on camera. Older guys with white beard stubble always look like hell.