According to Variety‘s Justin Kroll, Michael Mann will probably/eventually direct Go Like Hell, a period race-car film about Lee Iacocca and Carroll Shelby‘s successful attempt to beat the Ferrari team at Le Mans in 1966. Brad Pitt is reportedly interested in starring but is as yet uncommitted; if he does it I’m presuming he’ll play Shelby.

If it happens Go Like Hell will be the second expensive French race-track movie from a major American director, the first being John Frankenheimer‘s Grand Prix (’66), which I caught for the first time on DVD a couple of years ago. It feels a little bit bloated at 179 minutes but it isn’t half bad. In fact, it would be great to see a Bluray version as it was shot in 70mm.

There was also Lee H. Katzin‘s Le Mans (’71) with Steve McQueen, which bravely went with very little dialogue during the first half-hour or so and (consequently?) under-performed at the box-office. I can’t even remember if I’ve seen it or not…strange.