I’ve been shown data indicating that in terms of delegates chosen at last night’s caucuses, Hillary Clinton may not have won Texas. Maybe. The final counts aren’t in. But what I’m looking at seems persuasive.
With an official Texas website tally of delegates that began to be counted last night in the caucuses, otherwise known as Texas Democratic Party Precinct Conventions, Hollywood Elsewhere columnist Moises Chiullan, who paticipated in a caucus last night in Austin, is telling me that if trends continue Barack Obama is going to emerge as the overall Texas delegate winner.
Look at the 31 Senate districts in this chart. By my count, Clinton is ahead in 11 of these districts (#19 through #22, #26 through #31) and Obama is ahead in the other 20.
The primary voting resulted in Clinton with 64 delegates and Obama with 62 delegates. The caucuses are choosing another 68 delegates, and if the trends evident in last night’s caucus voting are ratified by the still-continuing manual counts, it looks as if Obama will end up with somewhere around two-thirds of the 68, or roughly 45 or 46 delegates to Clinton’s 22 or 23. If the numbers continue along the lines of what’s already tallied, I’m saying.
In short, it may well be that Clinton didn’t take Texas after all. Maybe.
The people who were elected to be Texas delegates have to show up at the various Texas county conventions on March 29th. So it’s vitally important for every last Obama delegate to show up — no colds or fevers, no I-couldn’t-get-a-babysitter, nothing like that.